Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why I Relay ...

Most people would think that I relay due to my battle with cancer.  They would be partially right.  Or it might be for my family members who have battled, some won and some lost.  Again, partially right.  So why do I relay?

I was lucky enough to have great work benefits and be surrounded by family and friends to help me through my battle.  Through my many months of chemo, I met so many that we not quite so fortunate.  I met so many who were struggling to pay bills, having problems paying for medication (that stuff is pricey!), and even struggling just to find a way to get to treatment and back home.  The Canadian Cancer society was there for each and every one of them.  

I don't just relay for the hope of cure, I relay to help others have a better chance in their fight.  I relay so that everyone can have the same support I had even when they are not as fortunate as I was.

The best part of this event for me, is that I relay with the WonderMoms.  The wonderful ladies I barely knew, but took my family under their wing and nurtured us through our fight.

I have a small goal this year, $300.  Please donate.  No amount is too small.  Please click on the link below and help in any way that you can.  It is so much more appreciated than I hope you will ever know.

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