Saturday, January 21, 2012

How is he still surprised?

What did the boy say now?

This morning Hubby challenged the Dog to yet another wrestling match.  I don't why he continues to do this.    The score is something like the Dog 1,254, Hubby 0.  This morning the match was quite quick as the Dog hit Hubby in the face with his head.  Boxers (both human and canine) everywhere were envious of the beautiful hit.  Hubby ended up with a bloody, swollen lip.

The Boy:  Oh Daddy!  I'm so sorry you got hurt!  I'm going to do anything you want to make you feel better today.
Hubby:  Well, you could rub my feet.  That always makes me feel better.
The Boy:  Mommy is really good at rubbing feet.

Thanks kid, thanks a lot.

How is he still surprised?

I love holidays.  I was blessed to have parents who made each and every holiday special.  I think it was mainly my Mom doing the work, but my Dad never had any problem with her doing things a little different.  Take Valentine's Day.  The very mention of the holiday causes groans from single and partnered people alike.  To me and my sister, it was a day of excitement!   Mom made it a day just to celebrate the people you love.  It makes sense.  You have days to celebrate your individual relationship already.  Why not have a day just to celebrate everyone you love?

My Mom usually put out a few decorations ahead of time to start getting us in the spirit. The night before, we got some new pajamas.  The morning of Valentine's Day, we would have presents waiting for us on the hearth of the fireplace.  It was usually lip gloss, lotions, nail polish, hair stuff ... you know, all the stuff girls love!  Dad often got all of us flowers.  Maybe a new sweater or something else we had been talking about, but nothing too expensive or crazy.  Then that night, with Mom as the head chef and my sister and I assisting, we would put together some of the most amazing meals.  We would all eat by candlelight and just bask in the glow of the love of our family.  Mom and Dad would exchange gifts if the budget allowed for it that year and showed us just exactly what a marriage and family should be.

So, I know what you're thinking.  Those poor men that we would someday date and marry!  In some ways, you are right.  I always felt a little bad when I had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day and he would spend his hard earned money on taking me out.  We would wait for hours to get a table.  The food would be okay.  The flowers nice, but not necessarily my favorite like my Dad would know to get.  All the while, I'm thinking about what I am missing at home.  But, I really appreciated the effort they put into trying to make the night perfect.  They just had a really hard act to follow.  I think that was the best gift my parents gave us.  To not only know what we should expect, but to appreciate the effort behind it not the money.

So, I think what all this is leading to is to make you understand how even an almost non-holiday like Valentine's Day to have such special memories, holidays were amazing to me.  And, they still are.

Our new house has a great storage area in the basement.  It is huge!  I immediately thought what every woman would think .... We need more decorations!  So, in order to make that space feel more homey, the Boy and I went out to the local dollar store and stocked up for Valentine's Day.  We decorated today and it looks fantastic!  You may be thinking it is a little early for Valentine's Day decorating and you're probably right.  The combination of being depressed with all the Christmas and New Years decorations down and not being able to paint the walls yet made me decorate a little early this year.

The boy and I have been putting up window clings.  His aren't exactly what I would have done, but I love the imperfections and mostly the pride in his face when he sees what he has done.  He helped me decide how to do the garland over the windows and where to put up all the hanging cupids and hearts.  We had also previously picked up some heart pillows and made some Valentine stuffed animals at Build a Bear.

But, here is the thing.  Hubby seemed honestly surprised that I would do this.  How can that be?  Has he been absent for every other holiday?  Pregnant, sicker than a dog, it didn't matter I still decorated and celebrated every holiday since we have been together.  It's been almost nine years we have been living in the same house!  Honestly, I love that I can still make him drop his jaw and give me that unique mixed look of "you amaze me" and "do we need to get you medication".  I think it keeps a relationship fresh!

I love the way the house looks now.  I'm waiting to put out the outdoor decorations until February 1st.  While I love that look from Hubby, not sure I want to get it from the neighbors!  I can just sit on the couch reading a book, sipping coffee and surrounded by everything to do with love!  The icing on the cake was when the Boy looked around and said with a quiet voice "Mommy, our house looks magical".  Maybe, just maybe, we might be doing as well as my parents making life a little more magical and filled with love.

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