Friday, January 20, 2012

Meet the Family!

What did the Boy say now?

This is a little old, but a great one.  We had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little nephew.  Finally, he deemed us worthy of his presence three days past his due date.  I was very excited to get to finally meet him and had the Boy all ready to go when Hubby got home from work.  We decided to stop by the McDonalds drive through at the service center between our two towns for dinner to save some time.

Me:  Are you super excited to meet your new baby cousin?
The Boy:  I sure am!  (several seconds of silence)  My heart is warm.
Me:  Ooooohhhhhhhhh!  Your love for your cousin is making your heart warm?
The Boy:  No, the chicken nuggets are hot and making my heart warm.
Me:  Oh.  Sigh.
Hubby:  Bwhahahahahahha

Meet the Family!

I realized I am going to inevitably be talking about these people a lot, and you may not know who they are.  So, here is a brief introduction.

Hubby - I first met hubby when we were working together, in different countries over 10 years ago.  You really get to know someone as you see them handle irate (and often irrational) VPs and at the same time they are also trying to solve the issue.  Hubby was the only one I ever saw that could actually get them to calm down and laugh.  The more I got know him, the funnier, smarter and more reliable I found him to be.  Those are all very attractive traits!  He continues to be the funniest person I know and handles this irate gal very well.  And yes, I usually end up laughing.  I'm still not entirely sure how he does it, but he is most certainly my compliment in every way. He is a telecommunications analyst for a major cell phone corporation.  We live in Kitchener, you figure it out!

The Boy - The boy is five, almost six, and absolutely the best thing I have ever done.  When I was pregnant, the only hope I had was that he would have my husbands laid back personality.  No such luck!  Hubby often says we have stubborn offs.  He is a great combination of us though, I think.  He is very funny and got his comedic timing early.  I don't know many 14 month olds that get that a prat fall is funny.  He is smart, too smart sometimes.  We are afraid of the teenage years as we are just barely keeping ahead of him now.  These are the wonderful traits he got from my husband.  He also has no fear, even when he probably should.  He is stubborn, but that can be good too.  The quickest way to get him to do something is to tell him he can't.  He is compassionate and becoming more aware of the world everyday.  I like to think he got those things from me.  I know we are his parents and biased, but we get lots of unsolicited comments from strangers that say the same thing so we feel justified in thinking our son is made of pure awesome sauce!

The Dog - My 30th birthday was rolling around and I was a little glum.  I didn't mind the age thing, I just always had pictured my life different when I hit that age.  I was living in what was really Hubby's house.  I was in a relationship, a great relationship, but not married.  No pitter patter of little feet running through the house.  Hubby had planned a really romantic trip to Montreal for my birthday.  We had also been in loose talks about getting a dog.  I realized I could solve the pitter patter problem!  I asked Hubby if we could get a puppy instead of the trip.  He said yes!  Now, I know how to pick out dogs.  I know to check carefully for hip and eye checks of both the parents and to ask things about the temperament.  We were going to dutifully check out many different breeders until we found one we were comfortable with.  All that went out the window when we went to the first breeder and saw our baby!  He was wrestling all the other puppies who seemed to be rather sleepy.  The breeder said not to worry about his tummy being so big, he had somehow broken into the room with the food and they found him eating merrily in the bag of food.  Well, that just proved his was meant to be ours!  (Hubby and I might both have rounder tummies as well!)  Luckily, the breeder was great and showed us all the documentation we should have asked for in the first place.  All those things that we found so adorable ended up being our curse for the first two years.  He needed to be walked for hours just to calm him down.  And, to be honest, the food thing is still a bit of an issue.  He is now almost eight and still has such a special place in my heart.  He is my buddy and has been my shoulder to cry on through the rough patches.  He is such a goof, which makes him a perfect part of our family.

So there are the main players in my life.  My three leading men.  I have been so blessed by them all.  They make me better and make my life make sense. 

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